Q: How long will my one piece wallpaper last?

A: As long as you want it to! With the proper care and as long as you use the wallpaper as you would any other ordinary wallpaper, it will last for years!


Q: How long will it take to put up?

A: Dependent on the size of the wall it can take anything up to an hour. Obviously if it is a full room or building, we will need to provide a more definite idea of time to suit your individual needs. We work all of our jobs  on an individual basis, we will work around you and your business requirements.


Q: Do I need to source my own image?

A: Not at all! We can either help you source an image, or we have a selection of images that are business sector based. Choose your industry and select from the images.


Q: Do I need to use one of your images, or can I use something of my own?

A: We can print anything (within reason) you like. As long as you have the permissions to print the image and the image resolution is high enough (image quality) it can be done!



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